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Fashion Designer - Career Profile

Alternate Titles: Clothes Designer, Apparel Designer

Fashion designers conceptualize and create new clothing and accessory designs. They analyze fashion trends and work closely with production, marketing, and sales departments to design, produce, and promote a finished, ready-to-wear product for apparel manufacturers, specialty and retail stores, and individual clients. Fashion designers usually specialize in a specific line of clothing such as women, men, kids, maternity, bridal, sportswear, and so on. Generally, a fashion designer assumes a variety of tasks which include creating dresses, suits, shoes, and accessories. In larger fashion houses, individual designers may work in very specialized areas, such as t-shirts, evening dresses, maternity clothes, baby outfits, or denims. They need to undergo formal training from accredited fashion design schools in order to practice as a professional. As a fashion designer, you have to be knowledgeable about the latest fashion trends. In addition to that, you have to be well-versed in creating unique sketch designs for clothes and accessories, selection of fabric, and conceptualization of the final product. Typically, fashion design involves many sub-careers some of the most in-demand are the following:

  • Footwear fashion designer: Their job is to create varying styles and designs that will be used for boots, shoes, and other types of footwear.

  • Clothing fashion designer: They are mainly responsible for producing apparels and clothing lines for men, women and children.

  • Accessory fashion designer: As the name suggests, they are primarily tasked to produce items that will be used to compliment an outfit. This may include hand bags, scarves, hat, eyewear and many more.

  • More experienced designers may be required to travel to promote their fashion lines. Fashion design is a demanding and unpredictable job with long hours, especially when deadlines approach for launches, shows, or individual jobs, an example being tailors who produce custom designs for weddings and other special events. Within the broader field of fashion design, there are a number of specialty occupations such as technical designer, pattern maker, cutter, and textile designer. Today, an increasing number of fashion designers are now using CAD (Computer Aided Design) when formulating their fashion concepts. CAD helps them to create efficient virtual models of clothing designs in varying colors and shapes. This helps them to save time since the need for adjustments is dramatically reduced. Potential employers include retailers, haute couturiers, textile and apparel manufacturers, and fashion studios.

    A fashion designer can work in a number of settings. They can pursue a career in big fashion firms, retail stores, costume design department, or apparel wholesales. Of course, their scope of work will greatly depend on what they are tasked to do. For instance, fashion designers who work at big design firms have to produce unique designs and oversee the whole design process, while those who work in television productions or costume departments are mainly responsible for conceptualizing designs for costume use.

    Fashion Training, Education, Advancement

    Most employers seek for fashion designers who were able to satisfy at least a 2-year or 4-year degree. Additionally, those who have broad knowledge about textiles, fabrics, ornamentation, fabrics and current fashion trends will definitely have the advantage.

    In terms of educational requirements, an aspiring fashion designer should get formal training from a credible fashion designer school. Enrolling in either a 2-year Associate or a 4-year Bachelor course program is also a must. Aspiring fashion designers who want to run their own fashion design business should also have a degree in business, marketing, or fashion merchandising.

    A standard coursework of fashion design programs would normally include the following:

    • sewing and tailoring

    • textiles and colors

    • pattern making

    • fashion history

    • Computer-aided designs

    • various types and designs of clothing

    • At the moment, there are currently over 300 postsecondary institutions that were accredited by the National Association of Schools in Art and Design. Some schools follow a strict screening process before they allow an aspiring fashion designer to enroll in a specific fashion design program. Satisfying basic art and design courses is typically required in order to become eligible.

      Most of the aspiring designers acquire their skills through internship programs as well as other relevant experiences. Some develop their talents by working in retail stores, custom tailor or personal stylist. By exposing themselves in various field works, they get to hone their marketing, sales and advertising skills in the process.

      As a professional fashion designer, employers expect applicants to possess the following qualities:

      • strong eye for detail

      • a great appreciation for beauty

      • superb skills in communication and problem-solving

      • exception patternmaking and sewing skills

      • strong sales, persuasion and presentation skills

      • outstanding sketching ability (very important)

      • above average leadership skills (a plus)

      • With regards to employment, there is very minimal or no change projected. However, job competition is expected to stiffen as more people are attracted to the glitz and glamour of the fashion industry.

        The employment rate for fashion designer careers is predicted to increase by one percent between 2008 and 2018. Some of the new fashion designer jobs will emerge from the constantly changing fashion trends. The growing demand for the production of new, fresh and innovative fashion ideas will open more job opportunities for aspiring fashion designers. Aside from that, the growing demand on affordable clothing and apparel will prompt the need for qualified apparel and clothing fashion designer professionals.

        Unfortunately, expect that jobs related to sewing and cloth manufacturing will have a steady decline since most of the mass-produced clothes are already made overseas.

        Aspiring fashion designers will face tough competition as more and more applicants are drawn to the fashion industry. Great job opportunities will ensue from firms or companies that design mass-market clothing apparels. Meanwhile, fewer job opportunities will be generated from industries catering to specialty boutiques and high-end fashion market.

        Salaries of different fashion designer careers will vary greatly depending on experience, skills, and education. The median annual salary wages of most fashion designers fall into the $61,600 range. The annual median salary of fashion designer professionals working in various industries are as follows:

        • Management of companies and enterprises: $72,560

        • Cut and sew apparel: $66,000

        • Apparel wholesaler: $61,600

        • Specialized design services: $59,650

        • Top level salary may range from $75,000 to over $100,000

          Career Path: Design Assistant > Assistant Designer > Associate Designer > Fashion Director

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5 Common Challenges Faced By New Drum Students (And How to Overcome Them)

5 Common Challenges Faced By New Drum Students (And How to Overcome Them)

5 Common Challenges Faced By New Drum Students (And How to Overcome Them)

Encountering tough challenges is just part of the process as you first learn to play the drums. But instead of getting frustrated or giving up, take action with these helpful pointers from teacher Lauren P...

Every new drum student faces these common challenges at some point. Use the below tips to overcome these challenges with minimal amount of frustration and time.

1. I can’t move quickly enough

The most common challenge new students face as they learn to play the drums is building speed and coordination. The more you practice, the faster your wrist and ankle movement will become and the more quickly you will be able to make transitions. You can build muscle mass and muscle memory anytime. Tap your feet or tap your pencils on any hard surface or the rubber soles of your shoes. You don’t need to overexert yourself by forcing a fast pace for extended periods of time. Instead, try short bursts of fast-paced playing along with a metronome. You will slowly but surely build speed and coordination. If it is the transition between drums and cymbals that is challenging you, practice one or two components and slowly build until you can coordinate all components at once.

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2. I can’t read quickly enough

If your biggest challenge is keeping up with the pace of reading sheet music, you can overcome these mistakes by previewing and preparing music ahead of time. One quick fix is to highlight every other line of music. This prevents your eyes from losing their place as you skip from line to line. Another trick is to say the beats as words in your head instead of just counting. Even better, say the numbers or words aloud to stay on track. You can even write in these words above the notes. For example, write and say aloud: “par-a-did-dle”; “right-left-right-right”; “one-e-end-a-two-e-end-three-e-end-a-four-e-end”; etc. When you are still learning the rudimentary beats, write “R” and “L” above each portion of every note to signify your right and left hand. Highlighting and annotating your music ahead of time will help familiarize you with the music and prepare you for speed.

3. I’m not consistent in speed or volume

Many new drummers struggle with consistency in speed or volume. The best piece of technology a drummer can invest in to practice pace is a metronome. Buy a metronome or use one for free online. The metronome sets a pace for your playing and keeps you consistent. You can also record yourself or another performer playing so that you can practice the right volume and pace. By listening to yourself play, you can also become aware of how you fluctuate volume between your right and left hand or from the beginning to end of a segment. A band is nothing without a drummer to keep them on track. In terms of pace and volume, practice makes perfect to build muscle memory and overcome the consistency challenge.

4. I forget the lessons I learn

If you repeatedly forget a new lesson or skill immediately after your lesson, there are several easy ways to overcome this challenge. If you have a smartphone or tablet, record video or audio of yourself playing. You can even include your instructor’s advice or homework assignment to use as a reference for practice. If you do not have access to recording technology, take detailed notes of your assignments and any suggestions or potential misunderstandings that you want to remember later.

5. I can’t find time for practice

Even with a strong passion for learning to play the drums, the frustrations of independent practice can sap your enthusiasm to persevere. Overcome your challenges by making a conscious effort to keep your end goal in mind. This will keep you inspired and motivated to practice through your challenges. Set aside at least 10 minutes a day to practice. Sticking to your daily schedule is more effective than planning to practice “when you have time.” Commit to setting your alarm 10 minutes early or practicing the moment you get home. The best way to overcome any challenges as you learn to play the drums is to hold yourself accountable for practice.

Of course, working with a private drum teacher can be a big motivation for keeping up with your practice; plus, he or she will be able to guide you along at the right pace. Teachers are well-equipped to solve the common challenges of new drum students. Hire an expert teacher in your area and you’ll be well on your way to mastering your instrument!

Lauren played concert snare drum and the drum set for five years and acted as a private teacher for the snare drum and drum set for three years. Currently she tutors various subjects in New York, NY. Learn more about Lauren here!

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